Face Time video: Jim Greco


Jim Greco has gone from young punk to innovator to straight-up icon status.

Jim Greco started his skateboarding life as a rowdy young kid from New Haven Connecticut who hung out with Tim Upson and was known for his determination. One of the younger riders to bring Birdhouse skateboards to new levels, alongside Andrew Reynolds, Greco really started to take off when he, Reynolds and the rest of the infamous Warner Avenue mob holding down Huntington Beach Calif. began to reall branch out in their style and their approach to skateboarding. Not long after, the crew decided to take the means of production into their own hands and kicked off Baker skateboards, which has soared in popularity from its inception. Most recently, Greco has grown with Baker and sparked Deathwish skateboards as well as Baker Boys Distribution. Our guy Tadashi Yamaoda caught up with Greco in Los Angeles and got the scoop in Greco's latest projects while filming some tricks at Brandon Biebel's private skatepark. Full video after the jump »

Jim Greco -- pro skater/businessman.

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