Layos, Webb, Main win Vans Rebel Jam

Vince Perraud/Rebel Jam

Matthias Dandois won all three judging categories in flatland at the Vans Rebel Jam -- creativity, style and hard trick.

Final results are in from the Vans Rebel Jam in Eindhoven, Holland, but it's not as simple as first place, second place and so forth. Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that the Rebel Jam instituted a unique judging criteria that dismissed traditional points and scorings for three "separate" categories across park and flatland -- style, hard trick and creativity.

Vince Perraud/Rebel Jam

Corey Martinez took the hard trick win at Rebel Jam street.

In theory, this approach to judging allows for a wider range of competitors to get recognition for their skills. And that's one of the many great things about the Rebel Jam -- it becomes a celebration of progressive riding instead of a cutthroat competition and a fat paycheck at the end.

But enough about why the event is so progressive. In Park, Sergio Layos won the style award, while Mark Webb placed first in creativity and and Harry Main took first in hard trick. In Flatland, France's Matthias Dandois pulled in first place in all three categories, and in Street, United's Corey Martinez took home first in hard trick.

According to all in attendance, including play-by-play Twitter'er Anthony Napolitan, the highlight of the event was Park finals, which featured never before seen tricks such as a 720 whip to barspin from Daniel Sandoval, and several new moves from the UK's Mark Webb, including a 720 barspin to decade.

We will have video of the event available later this week. For now, I am going to attempt to install a gas dryer.

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