Neyer: Verde feels like coming home

Courtesy of Verde/Tony Neyer

Tony Neyer, his new Verde Yeagle setup and his latest tattoo, a shaman or shawoman.

After leaving Sputnic earlier this month, Tony Neyer wasted no time in switching it up to the Verde BMX team, joining the likes of Drew York, Biz Jordan, Brian Yeagle, Kevin Kiraly and Dave Thompson. After making the move, Tony hooked up with Verde team manager Will Stroud to film a 'Welcome to Verde' edit, and in between cat walking down rails, Tony Neyer amazed us all. We hit up Tony after the video's release to discuss the team switch and see what's next for our favorite mustachioed Ohioan. First off, congrats on getting picked up by Verde. Do you mind telling us how you got hooked with them? What made want to ride for Verde?
Neyer: Thanks Cody, I honestly couldn't be happier about it. I've always been a big fan of Verde and the people involved with it. Cory Muth, Steve Buddendeck and Will Stroud have been friends, pretty much family, since I was a kid. So when they gave me the opportunity to ride for them it was like coming home.

I read that you filmed your whole 'Welcome to Verde' edit in only five days, that's pretty impressive. Was it hard to do? Did you have spots lined up for it or did you just wing it?
There was some tough times and easy times for sure. But working with Will [Stroud] and riding with Biz made everything come together rather easily. As for spots, Biz had a bunch of spots lined up that Jason Enns had found. So for me it was like being in a city I've never been to. We just had a good crew so it was easy to be motivated.

There are so many heavy hitters on the Verde team, what does it mean to you to be apart of that? Were you friends with any of these guys before you got on the team?
It means I have a lot of good times ahead of me. Well Drew York's my brother and I'm already pretty good friends with most of the team. I'm looking forward to partying with the other dudes soon though.

What setup are you running now?
I'm running a 21.25 Yeagle with all Primo parts.

I noticed in your 'Welcome to Verde' edit that you cut your hair and mustache off, how come? I also noticed you had a new tattoo on your forearm, what is it?
I didn't cut my mustache off, I did cut my hair though. I had been growing it out for years and I loved it but there's a time and a place for everything and I felt with my new recent move to Long Beach at 26 I could act like I care a little bit. The mustache is better than ever though. My homie David Halsey from Cincinnati did that piece on my forearm. She's a Shaman or a Shawoman. I don't know, Dave and I bounced some ideas around for a bit then he had a sketch for me an hour later. Three hours after that she's on me for life, I love her.

What are some future projects you have planned with Verde right now?
Well, Will was able to save a few things from this trip to put towards our next edit that we could spend more time on. Other than that, I know there's a few trips in the works and I'm trying to go to Tulsa, Okla. after the winter to stay with Drew for a few weeks which will be sick party.


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