Nathan Williams welcomed to éclat team

After joining the éclat team a few weeks back, Nashville's own Nathan Williams got to work compiling clips for a "Welcome to the team" video, which is embedded above. Normally we don't throw up every Vimeo video that comes along because 1) I would have to work 24 hours a day and 2) there's only so many smiths to 180 you can see in a day. But the above video is so ridiculous that we needed to give it love.

For starters, Nathan's lines went from normal riding pace to super fast. Riding at a normal speed is nothing to scoff at, but once you get in that extra crank or two, there's a lot more momentum to contend with during a brakeless manual on a bike with four pegs. Not easy. Then there is the Taj Mihelich-inspired straw hat that shows up around 33 seconds in, followed by the blurring of the lines between regular and switch, both in grinds and 180s. Typically, in the past, it was easier to identify a rider's "regular" and "switch" sides, because the style of each varied slightly. Not anymore. Nathan has obviously been learning every trick he can do both the regular and switch way (much like flatlanders started doing in the early '90s.)

And finally, there is what might be my favorite trick of the video, a tooth hanger over to double peg to over 180 on a flat rail. It's ridiculous, innovative and probably going to inspire a lot of new grind techniques in the days to come. There's a ton of more ridiculous riding afterwards as well, so check it out above and look for new Nathan Williams-inspired products from éclat in the coming year.

Nathan's current sponsors include United Bikes, etnies footwear and clothing, Cinema Wheels and Dan's Comp.

(Also, I can't say all this about a video without mentioning the Stew Johnson impersonator at 2:03.)

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