LOS film drops for online release

Paddy Graham has been looking at winter on the big screen for weeks, traveling the ski film premiere circuit in Europe and Montreal to show "Nothing Else Matters" with his Legs of Steel brethren, skiers Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawitschka, Tobi Reindl, and cinematographer Andre Nutini. Now, colder temps and big air contests mean the season has arrived in Europe, coinciding with the free online premiere of the LOS film, which dropped on Friday. Graham talked to us about why their film should have received a nod in ESPN's Ski Movie Awards.

The English premiere of "Nothing Else Matters" was at Leicester Square, the same place where they roll out the red carpet for Harry Potter and James Bond. How was that?
Premiering any movie is fun, especially when it's your own, and premiering it to a home crowd is always amazing. I think someone missed the memo about LOS being in Leicester Square as all the press were over at Hugh Jackman's premiere, "Real Steel." They got the movies mixed up I guess.

Where else has LOS traveled during premiere season?
We've been at IF3 Montreal and Annecy, Innsbruck, Munich, Kaunertal, London and now we're on your screen at home. It's been a great time, all the boys traveling together and trying to stay out of trouble. We had a great world premiere in Montreal with IF3, with a great crowd and great movies accompanying us. We also got to see Metallica en route to the festival so it was totally worth the trip across the pond.

You called out ESPN's ski film awards on your Facebook page. Tell us why "Nothing Else Matters" should have been nominated.
Hopefully next year we can make the cut for the Best Web Video category even if we don't have three kickers with a 13-man train crossing over each other with some of cinematography's greatest technologies capturing the action with a helicopter circling above. Did I mention that's just one section of our movie?

The 13-man jump has been getting a lot of buzz. Any close calls during filming -- near collisions in the air or people having doubts?
It definitely is one of the highlights of the film. We went all in on this one and it didn't fail to deliver. It was a pretty calculated set-up, and the guys in Kaunertal and at Schneestern really stepped up to the challenge, as did all the riders and our two filmers. I think there was quite a lot of pressure riding on the shoot and getting the movie finished up, but it was a real relaxed and fun time. Someone did end up in hospital but it wasn't due to an on-mountain accident.

Any plans for the LOS 2013 release? How will you top the 13-man park shoot?
LOS will definitely be back next year. We have some pretty big plans -- obviously chasing the powder, and doing a little expanding with the crew to go on a world tour. In terms of topping the 13-man, three-way train, let me just say you won't be disappointed -- there's something in the pipeline and it's going to be big.

Any upgrades to the LOS house in Innsbruck or tattoos to celebrate the release of the film this year?
I've heard a few LOS tattoo claims going around but not many people have manned up to them -- that means you, Tobi Reindl. We'll hopefully be able to upgrade [cinematographer] Andre Nutini's living situation, get him a more comfy bed and a hot tub. There's already a much more luxurious editing chair.

Why are you releasing the film for free?
We'd love to be able to produce an all-time DVD. It's always better having something you can hold, but it seems like DVD is of a dying age since the Internet has taken online media so far in the last few years. Right now we are producing quality products for everyone to enjoy and trying not to limit ourselves to the audience by selling the project. It's very rewarding releasing all our media for free. Also there's the old piracy card. Even if you do sell it ends up on the Internet anyway. That said when the production and soundtrack get more expensive we might look to iTunes or another outlet to sell, but not this year.

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