Cranmer tricks, then treats in Brooklyn

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Zac Costa, best trick. Launch Gallery »

Late in the day on Wednesday of this week, I checked out the weather for the upcoming Red Bull Trick or Treat Jam in Brooklyn, N.Y. The contest, organized by Red Bull with help from Edwin De La Rosa, Skavenger and Kink, was supposed to commence on Saturday, October 29, from 5-9 p.m. Unfortunately, the weather for Saturday called for snow and wind. And as I write this, on a Saturday morning, it is currently snowing.

The contest never would've happened.

Because of this, the organizers at Red Bull decided to throw the contest a day early, on Friday night. This meant that more than a few pros on the invite list wouldn't be able to make it to the contest -- but 32 riders, both local and international, donned costumes and ventured out to Newtown Barge Park in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn to ride the Red Bull Trick or Treat course in the calm before the storm.

Despite temperatures in the mid 40s, the contest got underway around 5 p.m. and ran into the night. Good riding went down from all in attendance, including Jared Washington, Steve Churchill, Sean Ricany, Scotty Cranmer and many many more.

I could list off a bunch of trick names and setup locations, or I could get all sentimental about a bunch of people riding BMX bikes in a park next to the set for Boardwalk Empire under the shadow of the Chrysler Building in midtown Manhattan. And since it's snowing for the first time in my life in October, I think I'm going to take the latter road.

To be honest, after freezing at the same contest last year, I wasn't particularly looking forward to this event. And with a poor forecast on the horizon this week, that feeling was cemented. Still, I layered up and ventured out to Brooklyn, and in the end, I really have to hand it to Red Bull and Edwin De La Rosa for pulling this contest off a day early, under conditions that weren't the greatest.

Rob Dolecki/Red Bull Content Pool

Sean Ricany, no-handed vader. Launch Gallery »

The riding was top notch, the ramps were innovative, the riders were happy and the vibe was perfect. Red Bull and the Trick or Treat organizers definitely had to put in 110% to make this thing happen a day early, but in the end, everything went about as smoothly as it possibly could have.

Scotty Cranmer retained his title for the year, followed by NYC local Pablo Nunez and N.J.'s Sean Ricany.

"It's an amazing honor to ride well here and I appreciate getting to participate as a semi-local since I'm from New Jersey," sais Cranmer, Red Bull Trick or Treat's 2010 and 2011 champion.

And everyone went home satisfied. Once again, I really gotta give it to Red Bull for stepping up and making things happen a day earlier than expected. Weather wasn't on our side, but that didn't seem to matter.

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