Thursday Vidiot


Ben Raybourn boneless at the apex of a very unique transition.

The 2011 X Games Real Street winner, one-time Thrasher magazine Skater of the Year and all-around ripper Silas Baxter Neal recently did a day-in-the-life vid for Krux in and around his new home in Oregon. Baxter Neal's skating is always worth checking out and, from the looks of this video, he's leading a pretty cool life up there in the North West.

The Ipath crew has been making a point of traveling to far-flung destinations to skate unique spots and have memorable experiences. This week they unleashed part two of their on-going "Search and Enjoy" video series about their adventures. Witness Ben Raybourn, Matt Rodriguez and Danny Dicola get creative in some very unique desert transitions in this clip.

Antiz and Gravis pro Steve Forstner has had the firm backing from friends and teammates like Arto Saari and Dylan Rieder for a bit now. However, many of us had yet to see what was so special about Forstner that garnered such elite approval. Well, after dropping this video part for Gravis this week, Forstner's got some new fans around the world including the folks here at ESPN Skateboarding.

Apart from a few contest appearances, Canada's Matt Berger was a relative unknown until the Flip team announced him as their newest am team rider early this week. With an intro video like this one, Berger isn't going to be banished to obscurity any longer. Dude is good.

The always-enigmatic Pontus Alv won three awards at the International Skateboard Film Festival earlier this week. While Alv couldn't make it out to Los Angeles to accept his awards, his pre-recorded thank you speeches, peppered with skating at Swedish spots he helped create, add to the aura of his skateboarding approach. Take a look at this and then try to get your hands on Alv's unique film, "In Search of the Miraculous."

The Lifeblood crew continues their Midwest World Tour with stops in Chicago and Milwaukee. Some creative lip trick action from this group. Sal flip to Smith bash? Yep. Check it out here.

Finally, are you excited about Organika and C1rca rider Walker Ryan getting his official pro nod and subsequent video part next week on November 1? Yeah, we are, too.

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