Salomon Freeski TV: Jib Academy

"It was the single most satisfying shot of my career," said Mike Douglas. When someone of Douglas' stature says something that audacious, it has to carry some weight.

For the second episode of season 5 of Salomon Freeski TV, Douglas went to the event that has become a staple of FSTV edits, the Salomon Jib Academy finals at Mammoth Mountain. But to freshen up the edit from the popular event, Douglas decided to throw in a major twist. He wanted to film 50 people in one shot and that shot could last no longer than six seconds.

The real time shot would be pure chaos, but with the magic of digital slow motion camera technology, the chaos would be slowed down to three minutes and allow the viewer to dissect every grab, rail slide and banana thrown through the camera frame.

"There were literally 100 things that could have gone wrong to not make this shot happen," Douglas said. "And we got every one of those 100 things right."

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