State-funded BMX trails in Colorado open

Ted Van Orman

Taylor Robinson, turndown at the new Frisco Bike Park. Launch Gallery »

In partnership with the Town of Frisco, Colorado, the Frisco Adventure Park hosted the grand opening of their state-funded bike trails in late September. Together with the Flowline Trail Design Crew (Josh Olson, Shea Ferrell, Casey Ferrell, Cody Barger, Case "Hush" Hushen), the Town of Frisco and a grant from the state of Colorado, the trails were created to cater to all types of bikes, riders and skill levels. Now fully up and running, we ventured out recently to ride the public trails, and speak with Flowline's Josh Olsen to learn about the process behind the creation of the Frisco Bike Park.

Frisco's Involvement:
"The Town of Frisco lead the charge, developing the Frisco Adventure Park which includes the Frisco Bike Park. Several years ago, the town made the decision to clear cut trees in the park due to the pine beetle infestation. Since then, the town wanted to develop the land to improve the look of one of their most visible parks. Several planning ideas were proposed and run through the public process of approval. After a couple of ideas were denied by the public, the plan was approved to develop the land as a tubing hill with a summer bike park. One of the main goals of this planning process was to revitalize the site through an extensive re-vegetation plan that includes replanting trees and natural grass seed to improve the overall beautification of the park site. During this process, Flowline Trail Design consulted with the town and guided the design that is currently in place at the park. We also applied for a "GOCO" Great Outdoors Colorado grant through the state for a total of $200,000, which was awarded to us specifically for the Frisco Bike Park. Part of the terms of this grant was that the Town of Frisco would match the funding GOCO provided for this amenity. After the planning process, the Town of Frisco hired the crew of Flowline as employees to complete construction."

Work load:
"The overall Frisco Bike Park construction has spanned two summers, eight months total. The design of the park was conceptualized during the planning process and then became a design/build process when the actual construction occurred on site. The dirt jump facility in the lower part of the park was completed in under six weeks. The dirt jump facility took on a creative design style where we would develop the main lines and then freestyle design all the transfer options, leading to a fully integrated dirt jump facility with endless options. The design of the park has had several main focuses such as jump safety (many of our jumps are table tops or a similar hybrid to allow riders to safely experience the park), overall traffic flow to ensure a safe riding environment, and maximizing the potential of the site layout to ensure that we provided the community with the complete experience while riding the bike park. The overall park design was to provide a progressive park which allows any rider to come to the park and find terrain that suits their ability level, and then be able to progress in their own skills. All of our riding amenities have clearly designated green blue and black ability levels."

Ted Van Orman

Eric Canfield of Winter Park, Colo. Launch Gallery »

"The town has committed to having a full time staff to maintain the park every summer and to develop all types of programming. Programs will include kids camps, skills clinics, races and jump competitions. The future of the park has endless opportunities. Future plans also include building upon the current infrastructure with more jump lines and allowing the dirt jump facility to change and become even better with more options."

The Park:
"Frisco Bike Park includes three jump lines, a green flow trail, and blue and black jump trails that cater to higher speed. We also have a multi-line dirt jump facility and a pump track. We are currently working on completing race course on the upper part of the hill."

Community Reaction:
"The community is already seeing the benefits of the Frisco Bike Park in many ways. We have been able to provide a place for everyone to come together and ride bikes at a legitimate park with no worries of the trails being destroyed. We are also involving many local businesses that are able to utilize the park as a way to promote their business and the companies they have relationships with. We have also seen many families come to the park and bring their kids. Having such progressive terrain for all abilities makes for a setting where an old school dirt jumping dad can hit the bigger lines while his kids are learning how to ride on the pump track. Community has always been our highest priority and we cater all our actions accordingly."

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