Face Time video: David Gravette

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Despite a bad crop, David Gravette grinds the lower rung during the NYC Maloof Money Cup contest.

Creature skateboards and C1rca footwear's resident masochist, David Gravette seems to go from one injury to the next with little to no recovery time between physical abuses. Maybe it's because he's constantly putting his body on the line trying to outdo himself, getting as gnarly as possible on board. From massive transitions to ludicrous rail riding, Gravette ain't scared. An all-terrain skateboarder with style to burn, Gravette is always one to watch. After a summer of contests, demos and filming for the upcoming Creature video, Gravette slowed down just long enough to give our friend Cory Williams an exclusive Face Time interview; he also slayed Portland's Glenhaven skatepark between answering questions. Full video interview after the jump »

David Gravette talks about competitions and his dreams of the Mega Ramp.

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