Amateur Hour: Dee Ostrander

Baker skateboards has a long and storied history of finding some of the gnarliest dudes no one has ever heard of and elevating them to household names. Like "The Boss" of the operation, Andrew Reynolds, Baker has made many unknown guys part of the skate lexicon that they need only be referred to by one name: Terry, Antwuan, Theotis, Figgy, Slash … the list goes on. Nashville's own 17-year-old Dee Ostrander seems poised to go down the same path. Little is known about Ostrander and even less has been seen of him. But Ostrander has caught the eye of Reynolds so we can't help but assume that there is some raw talent there that will develop before our eyes in the near future.

JT Rhoades

Dee Ostrander whips a frontside feeble grind in the deep end. Dee, what's your real first name?
Ostrander: Dathan, I think it's one of my dad's friend's names or something.

Where are you from?
Nashville. It's pretty rad. There's a whole bunch of stuff to skate there and we got one concrete park.

Who's the biggest name to come out of Nashville?
Nathan Smith [Smith won the illustrious Tampa Am contest in 1998 only to pretty much never be heard from again]. And my brother is pretty sick, Shane Powell. He got me into skating.

JT Rhoades

Dee Ostrander drops a serious kickflip on a visit to Southern California.

Who's the most famous celebrity to come out of Nashville?
I don't know, dude. Dolly Parton might be from Nashville. Miley Cyrus is from Nashville, Tennessee. I think so.

Would you hook up with Miley Cyrus if you had the chance?
I don't know. That's kind of weird. Maybe ... maybe.

Being from the middle of the country, how did you get on Baker?
My brother sent my footage to Altamont for me. [Altamont Marketing Manager] Fred van Schie saw it and I guess he showed it to Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds was hyped and he started hooking me up.

Did they roll through your neighborhood on this recent Baker/Deathwish "Low Life" tour?
Yeah, they were like an hour and a half away form where I stay in Nashville. I rolled down there and met up with them.

Was that the determining factor to getting fully on the team?
Yeah, I think so.

Was there any torture from the guys?
A little bit but not too bad. They were just heckling me.

Dustin Dollin can be torturous. He wasn't messing with you?
Oh, yeah. He was definitely messing with me for sure. It wasn't that bad though. He was cool. He let me smack him in the face a whole bunch for that first Baker ad. It was fun. He was a good sport.

JT Rhoades

Dee Ostrander's skateboarding career is starting to roll in the right direction ... fast.

What do you do in Tennessee? You work?
No, just skate. I go to school, too. I'm home schooled though.

Are your plans to move out to Cali after you graduate from your house?
I don't know. I'll have to see about that.

Most of the Baker guys are based in Hollywood. I think Jeff Lenoce is the only one that's not out there. You don't feel you need to be out there?
Well I skate a whole a bunch in Nashville with all my friends and film and do a lot out there so I don't feel like I have to move to California. Maybe for a little bit.

I saw that Thrasher magazine clip where the girl said you were the stinkiest dude on the tour. Is that your deal? Do you just reek?
I didn't think I smelled the worst. One of those other dudes has to smell worse. There's no way. Figgy or somebody.

How often do you shower?
Maybe like once every three or four days.

Sounds disgusting if you're skating every day.
It's not too bad.

Now that you're hooked up with Altamont and Baker is the rest falling into place? Are you picking up other sponsors as a result while you're out there staying in California?
Yeah, Emerica and 502 Hardware are hooking it up. I'm stoked.

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