Verde's Kevin Kiraly -- Day in the Life

Jeremy Pavia

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Kevin Kiraly is a pro rider who truly does BMX his own way. He has been laying low while filming for two video parts at the same time, as well as shooting photos, going on trips and laying it all on the line hoping to leave a lasting impression when his Verde edit drops. I was in Nor Cal recently and made plans to meet up with Kevin and document a day in the life. We headed to San Francisco so he could handle some business, get another trick checked off the list and shoot some photos. Check out what a typical day is like for Kevin. What have you been up to lately?
Kiraly: Just living at my mom's, stressing life and these two video parts that I am working on.

What filming project are you working on right now?
I've been working on my personal part for Verde and I have also been filming a part for the Deadline video as well.

Where have you been filming for them?
We went on a Deadline trip to Spain, and I have been to England, Canada, Hawaii and all over the United States for my Verde part.

Where and when will your Verde part be released?
Not exactly sure, I wanna' say deadlines for both videos are in December. It's gonna be weird having two parts come out around the same time.

What is it about filming that gets you motivated to ride?
It's kind of been de-motivating me lately because I've been stressing so hard. But after you film something you've wanting to for a while, or something you've tried for hours there's no better feeling in the world.

Jeremy Pavia

Tooth hanger at 3rd and Army in S.F. <a class="launchGallery" href=""><i>Launch Gallery &#187;</i></a>

It's no secret that you're picky about the stuff you shoot and film. Where does that come from and what are you reasons behind that?
I don't know where it comes from. I guess I'm just trying to prove myself to the BMX community, so I want everything to be perfect and hard as hell; and put out a true video part.

Quality of clips or quantity?
Quality for sure. A company wants quantity so they feel like they got their bang for there buck on a trip but they'll never understand when you got that perfect trick on that perfect spot; not just another double peg hop over or nine-stair hanger.

Any last words?
I'm going all in on these parts -- game changing.

Thanks to Verde Bikes, they put up with me and I love them for it. DEADLINE BMX fo' life! And of course the Livermore locals.

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