TGR Almost Live #14: Chasing snow

TGR heads to Japan for some foreign snacks and a search for snow.

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[Editor's note: Here on ESPN Freeskiing, we are hosting Teton Gravity Research's Almost Live series -- sneak peeks into footage taken for their fall 2011 release, "One for the Road," which premieres this Saturday in Jackson, Wyo. The author of the words below is one of TGR's newest athletes, Griffin Post. Click the tabs above if you've missed any of the last episodes. And stay tuned to ESPN Freeskiing for coverage of this weekend's TGR world premiere.]

Reports from Japan hardly wavered this season. Clichéd claims of "all-time" and "epic" were continuously rolling in throughout the season. Seemingly, it was possible to film an entire powder segment in a couple of days. However, as is common with our fickle sport, conditions can change and, likewise, it's necessary to adapt the plan accordingly. "Yes, they had record-breaking snowfall before and after our trip," recalls Teton Gravity Research athlete Chris Benchetler, "but during our attempts to film 'One For The Road' we saw a strange warming trend that put us on the road searching for the goods."

Fitting for the title of this year's film, the TGR crew hit the pavement and headed to the far northeast mountain passes of Japan's north island. "I had always gone back to Japan and more or less skied the same locations, but due to those warmer temps we were able to explore the coast a bit and look for higher ground," continues Benchetler. The impromptu road trip forced the crew to search out snow and get creative on rarely skied mountain passes. It all worked out in the end, as Benchetler notes, "We found good pockets, and were able to build a couple unique features, that gave the trip yet another unique Japan experience leaving me hungry for more."

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