Face Time video: Brandon Biebel

When they made Girl skateboards pro Brandon Biebel they broke the mold. I know there's an industry saying, "Everybody be liking Theotis," but I think Biebel might even trump that because everyone be loving Beibel and they have for a long time. He's a baggy-pants tech skater that has transcended all that with his amazing, unique personality. He somehow appeals to every facet of skating. I know backwoods bowl riders that put Biebel in their Top 10 lists based on his personality alone. This week I got my first chance to travel with Biebel on a Red Bull trip from New Jersey to Miami. I found he's is every bit like what you see of him on Biebel's World. He's hilarious and charismatic at all times. Biebel's the best. I got to sit him down to discuss Diamond, his training- facility skatepark, arm wrestling and the upcoming Chocolate video.

Brandon Biebel talks about parting ways with Matix and why he may have a new career in arm wrestling.

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