Prime Cutlets #3: Urban Warfare

The Meatheads jib some Maine bunkers before heading up to Quebec

[Editor's note: Meathead Films' 10th annual movie, "Prime Cut," debuts Sept. 30 in Burlington, Vermont. Until then, we'll be hosting regular teasers, exclusive to ESPN Freeskiing, called "Prime Cutlets," which give you an inside look at the making of their feature film. You can also watch the official "Prime Cut" movie trailer and pre-order your DVD now. ]

Portland, Maine, has been in the Meatheads' sights for years, but since the city is on the ocean, it rarely gets big dumps. However, last winter was the exception and with several feet of snow piling up, they invited Shea Flynn and Andy Parry to explore abandoned military forts along the coast. Getting skiers, camera equipment and the winch to some of the locations was easier said than done and the Meats worked hard to stack shots.

Later, in the spring, they spent two weeks in Quebec shooting a segment with Charles and Vincent Gagnier. The brothers warmed up some airs at a local ski hill before constructing 10 different urban features in one area. They battled injury, fatigue and dwindling snow to polish off a unique segment for "Prime Cut."

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