Patrick Driscoll portfolio gallery

Patrick Driscoll

Patrick Driscoll has been shooting skate photos for some time now. With a good sense of composition and timing, his flicks are easy on the eyes. Dig in to some of his latest.

Arizona photographer Patrick Driscoll's been spending a few years honing his skills and building a good eye for composition and timing. The work has paid off and his photography is on point. This week we take a look at some of Driscoll's latest work with known pros including Andrew Cannon and Ben Raybourn as well as amateurs on the come up including Jonathan Pierce, Tom Karangelov, Preston Harper and more.

It takes a lot to plan, shoot and exceute a good skate photo. Driscoll's got the skills to get it done, though. Take a gander at some proper techniques in both skating and photography in this gallery.

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