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Steph Nitsch

Bode Merrill, holder of the coveted "twel2ve" ender segment, and his dad Bob.

Warm temperatures and nice summer weather didn't stop a few hundred people from packing inside a cozy auditorium in Park City, Utah for the premiere of Absinthe's "twel2ve" and YES Snowboard's "YES. It's A Movie." on Friday night.

With no real teaser released before it's debut, anticipation for "twel2ve" was largely based on speculation -- most notably for Bode Merrill's segment, who was rumored to have a big contribution to the film. And Merrill's closing segment didn't disappoint, with his signature one-footed (massive) airs and fluid urban assaults, making him one of the only riders in the world to have a full urban and full backcountry section back-to-back.

No one's segment disappointed, actually. By limiting the film to a small roster of riders, "We were able to go deeper with fewer riders and give more individual attention to them," explained Absinthe Films' Justin Hostynek. "We worked with these guys most of their season to get as much as we could."

The result, he explained, is a movie that is meant to keep the audience hooked through repeat viewings. "There are layers to our film," said Hostynek. "There are so many little things that become noticeable the more it's watched. It's made to be watched repeatedly."

The Absinthe/YES movie tour has partnered with NativeEnergy, a sustainable wind energy provider, to offset the carbon footprint created by their 27-stop North American tour. Purchasing rrenewable energy credits from NativeEnergy is effort to reduce the impact of climate change in the mountains, Hostynek explained. In addition to this portions of every ticket sold go to support POW (Protect Our Winters), as well as local grassroots environmental organizations at each tour stop.

Steph Nitsch

This is what it's all about, right here.

Absinthe chose Recycle Utah as Park City's featured organization, who introduced a new recycling program launching this October, aimed at skiers and snowboarders who don't know what to do with old hardgoods, softgood and accessories.

While "twel2ve" was all about experimenting with artistic talent, the YES. film closed out the evening with a reminder that one simple word is all it takes to open the doors to start something new:

Want create your own snowboard company? YES. Want to travel the world with your friends? YES. Want to film your adventures on and off the hill along the way? YES. And these guys do that, too. JP Solberg, DCP and Romain de Marchi made appearances in both movies, and their contributions make it clear that YES. is a group effort.

By the time the premiere wrapped up and movie-goers made their way back outside, Park City's temperature had dropped a few degrees. "It was just what I needed to start getting into the frame of mind for this upcoming season," said Jeremy Olson, who drove up from Salt Lake City to attend the premiere. "It's been over 90 degrees in Salt Lake City all summer, but it was winter in my mind during the premiere. The crowd was amped."

The Absinthe and YES. tour is continuing across North America and Europe throughout the Fall. Check out this list of tour dates to find a stop near you.

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