Face Time with Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier had a pretty cushy summer. It was the first of many that he wasn't digging at High Cascade. This year he was recruited by HCSC's A/V club. His jo:, to make internet videos. He's a natural at that too. See: Movin Like Bernie edit. Instant classic. After camp Grenier headed to New Zealand for a ThirtyTwo team tour. Not a bad life, right? But it's not as if he didn't earn it.

For the last two season's Grenier has been leading the charge in the streets and helping redefine what's possible off-hill, if you will. You probably (read: probably should) recognize him from the last two Videograss flicks, but his "breakout section" was the opener to TransWorld's "Get Real." To call his part "standout" isn't hyperbole, just real talk. And from the sounds of it, his clips in VG's newest movie "Shoot the Moon" are his best yet. So, yeah, the dude deserves a little summer vacay.

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