Prime Cutlets #1: Syracuse to Boston

The Meathead Films crew heads from Syracuse to Boston

[Editor's note: Meathead Films' 10th annual movie, "Prime Cut," debuts in September. Until then, we'll be hosting regular teasers, exclusive to ESPN Freeskiing, called "Prime Cutlets," which give you an inside look at the making of their feature film. Here is the first episode. You can also watch the official "Prime Cut" movie trailer and pre-order your DVD now. ]

Thanks to Mother Nature, Syracuse, N.Y., had an especially ridiculous winter last year, with snowfalls totaling 179 inches for the season. A strong early start in December lured the Meatheads down to begin production on "Prime Cut." Andy Parry and Jake Doan scouted trees, rails, poles, dumpsters, and anything else that caught their eye during the five-day road trip.

In early January, a new crew was assembled to chase the fruits of a two-foot storm that was crushing Boston. Trudging around the city in search of worthy features, Evan Williams, Peter Engen and Will Hibbs ended up in neighboring Charlestown, Mass. The people of this fair city are the original "townies" and with their generous help (and protection), the Meatheads found and constructed some jibs and urban jumps. The setups yielded banger shots but only after some bloody noses and several passes through the meat grinder.

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