Jay Eggleston, vet vert competitor, in coma

Khaled Termanini/ESPN Images

Jay Eggleston was injured at the Dew Tour Open on Saturday and remains in a coma.

Longtime Colorado pro, original member of the "Lip Lords" crew and veteran X Games vert competitor Jay Eggleston was injured on Saturday, July 23 at the Dew Tour Pantech Open in Ocean City, Md. According to the Athlete Recovery Fund, Eggleston crashed and hit the flat bottom of the vert ramp, landing on his head and rendering him unconscious.

Eggleston was transported to the nearest trauma center in Maryland placed in a medically induced coma on Saturday night, and according to fellow vert rider John Parker, doctors took him off the medication to create the medically induced coma on Sunday, but he has not woken up yet.

Eggleston's family set up a site on CarePages.com to monitor his progress, and the latest update reads: "They [doctor] did an MRI to double check his brain to figure out why he has not woken up. It showed some bruising so will be doing more of the waiting game!! Thanks for the prayers!!"

Working in conjunction with the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF), Eggleston's wife and daughter were provided a hotel and rental car so that his family can remain at his side. ARF will continue to work with Jay's family to help them understand the effects of traumatic brain injuries (in much the same way that Athlete Recovery Fund did for both Mike Aitken and Adam Taylor in the past.)

Eggleston, 39, has competed at 11 X Games events, and has been an active vert competitor at major U.S. and European contests since the mid '90s. Jay's riding is characterized by huge back-to-back airs, amazingly high 540s, and stretched no-hander one-footers. Eggleston is also an avid rock and ice climber, and has conquered 100 of the highest peaks in his native Colorado, including the 54 above 14,000 feet.

The Athlete Recovery Fund continues to update Eggleston's progress via their Twitter, and Eggleston's wife Melissa has set up a page for Jay on carepages.com.

Update, 7/26, 9:18 p.m. EST via CarePages: "Jay opened his eyes briefly and responded to a few commands, then went back to sleep. This is awesome and sets the stage for great days to come!!"

Update, 7/27, 8:02 p.m. EST via CarePages: "Jay had a "peg tube" put in which is a feeding tube right to his stomach. He came out of surgery this afternoon and all went well. It decreases the chances of infection. He has been doing well this evening with continued response to commands, as opening his eyes,wiggling his toes, and sticking his tongue out. It looks like the plan is to have him airlifted back to Colorado on Fri so he can have more visitors to provide more stimuli to keep him active. He has been trying to get out of bed, , but hospital won't allow him until he keeps his eyes open. Please keep up the Prayers and thank you for all the support!!

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