East Coast Frendly Gathering this weekend

Tim Zimmerman

You know you want to hang out with these dudes. Look at how much fun they had at the last one! Launch Gallery »

The East Coast Frendly Gathering is going down at Timber Ridge, in Windham, Vermont this weekend, brought to you by Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce Mason Aguirre Frends crew. If you're a fan of fun and snowboarding -- and camping and music and good times -- and are located anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, you might want to check it out.

But what about the tie-dye Grateful Dead theme of the poster and various Frendly Gathering t-shirts and promotional materials, you might ask? What if I love camping and good times, but my personal tastes run more in the hessian/rocker horns direction? Will people want to hang out with me if I'm not dressed like a character from "Almost Famous"? Will I be subjected to bongo circles thronging along in unsyncopated rhythms outside my tent walls all night?

Well, as luck would have it, I asked these very same questions, and I have answers for you. Jack Mitrani's response: "Trouble Andrew is headlining. And there will be a mechanical bull and a slip and slide. How much more convincing do you need?"

To find out more about the party, check out frendlygathering.com, or check out this photo gallery from the West Coast Gathering that happened a couple months ago in Mammoth. Launch Gallery »

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