Bob Haro teams with Pioneer on turntable

Courtesy of Pioneer

Bob Haro's one-of-a-kind custom designed Pioneer CDJ-2000 turntable unit, featuring BMX artwork.

Bob Haro has never been just the father of modern day freestyle BMX riding. Since his early beginnings in BMX, Haro has explored a number of artistic areas, including graphics (his BMX-influenced art was featured extensively in the magazines of the late '70s and '80s) and music (Haro composed the full soundtrack for the 1988 "Team Haro" video.)

Combining his love for both artwork and music, Haro recently teamed up with Pioneer Electronics to create a one-of-a-kind turntable for the Pioneer DJ Art Mix program, a fundraising initiative blending the worlds of music, art and community to benefit the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

Using iconic Bob Haro images, including a silhouette and kickturn photo, the turntable additionally features Haro's trademark images seen on the pages of BMX Action. And in classic Bob Haro fashion, the turntable's design is understated and simple, akin to a Haro number plate from the '80s.

Courtesy of Bob Haro

Bob Haro at the height of his career in the early '80s. This silhouette of this image was used in his turntable design.

According to Pioneer: "Given the Pioneer CDJ-2000 turntable unit to work on as a canvas, Haro used some of his signature artistic style and inlaid Balsa wood to create carvings of BMX riders and words that represent the BMX culture. The focal point of the work is the silhouette of a BMX biker with one of his freestyle bikes placed on the actual turntable."

Haro's turntable will be on display at a free, open to the public event outside the Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles, Calif. on July 21. And beginning on August 2, DJ enthusiasts and fans of Haro will have the opportunity to bid on the unit via website, with all proceeds benefiting the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

Although no longer in control of Haro Bicycles (Haro left the brand in 1991 to pursue graphic design and now runs the Haro Design Group), Bob Haro remains active in the BMX freestyle community, attending old school BMX gatherings and keeping in touch with fans via Bob, Facebook and Twitter. Haro also continues to compose music under the name Factor of One, and samples of his work can be found on his Soundcloud site.

He remains a loyal fan of the Pet Shop Boys, and is most likely credited with doing the world's first fufanu, unbeknownst to even himself at the time.

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