Tour torture: Toy and Foundation

Dan Murphy noseslides a long one just getting warmed up on tour.

Still on the road, the life of a pro team isn't as mellow as it used to be. In 2011, the Foundation and Toy Machine teams have been practically living out of the van. With video parts on the horizon, advertising photos due, web clips in demand and more, everyone is keeping busy. What follows are a few clips from the road with team riders doing what they do. Lucky for you, Leo Romero's throwaway footage is as good as some pro skaters' video parts they worked for years on. Check in with Leo, Collin Provost, Daniel Lutheran, Dan Murphy, Taylor Smith, Dakota Servold and more to see what hijinx they've been into lately.
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Leo Romero, Dan Murphy, Collin Provost and more get tricks on the road with Toy Machine and Foundation.

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