Thursday Vidiot


Kenny Anderson in the midst of a lengthy nose manual in endorsement of his new pro shoe.

This week we kick things off with Krooked's professional men: Dan Drehobl and Mike Anderson as they skate a miniramp in Ventura and a Jersey barrier spot joined by Elissa Steamer.

I don't usually include mainstream commercials in the video roundup but this one features, randomly, Clint Peterson and Shaun White. Weird.

DGK skateboards has a welcome video for recent Amateur Hour interviewee Derrick Wilson, here.

If you don't already know that any Daewon Song footage is guaranteed to be golden, well now you know. Look for another full Daewon part coming for X Games' Real Street contest at the end of this month.

ESPN Skateboarding contributor, Tadashi Yamaoda puts out the occasional zine called "Kobrah." Now he's working on a video project with the same name. Here's a trailer for it.

Kenny Anderson's new pro model shoe on Converse debuts this week. In an homage video parts of his past and Kenny's storied career, Converse put together this creative clip that's definitely worth a viewing. Cameo appearances from nearly the whole Converse squad as well as Anderson homies and Converse alums including Danny Montoya, Chris Pastras, Giovanni Reda and many more.

We finish things off this week with Anthony Schultz who is now pro for Slave skateboards. Check out his intro to pro-dom video here. This part is great and the last trick is a doozy. Schultz will debut another part in the X Games Real Street contest as well. We'll have all the Real Street videos here on ESPN Skateboarding in just a few weeks. Stay tuned.

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