Bike Check: Todd Potter's Honda CR450F

Chris Tedesco

Take a closer look at Todd Potter's 2011 Honda CR450F courtesy of Chris Tedesco. Launch gallery »

Hondas have been Todd Potter's dirt bike of choice long before you knew him as the three-time defending X Games Best Whip gold medalist. The clean factory look of the Honda bikes and dominance in the 90's during the Jeremy McGrath era was enough to hook Potter on the brand for life. In fact, Potter believes so much in Honda parts that he kept most of his bike stock saying, "Why change what Honda spent millions of dollars to develop?" Think Factory Honda as we take you on a tour of Todd Potter's all-new 2011 Honda CR450F freestyle competition bike. Please keep drooling to a minimum ... you don't want to ruin your keyboard.

Click here to launch the gallery.

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