TGR's Almost Live #9: Iceland kicker

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[Editor's note: Here on ESPN Freeskiing, we are hosting Teton Gravity Research's Almost Live series -- sneak peeks into footage taken for their fall 2011 release, "One for the Road." The author of the words below is one of TGR's newest athletes, Griffin Post. Click the tabs above if you've missed any of the last episodes.]

Despite the abundance of snow (and ice), skiers in Iceland don't exactly have it easy. The handful of ski resorts scattered across the island are subject to brutal North Atlantic winds that can turn fresh snow from epic to non-existent in a matter of hours. "People in Iceland that ski have it pretty tough," explains TGR athlete Rory Bushfield. "The ski hill we hit was a couple of lifts on the side of a windy hill with awesome grooming. Despite the harsh weather, the Icelanders get out and shred." Although the TGR crew tried to mitigate all the variables they could, there was nothing they could do about the harsh North Atlantic Wind.

Iceland, Bushfield explains, is "very unprotected -- there are epic things to ski all over, you just have to get lucky and hit it when the conditions are right. The wind just rips across the Atlantic scorching Iceland along its way." So it went for the crew -- epic conditions followed by brutal winds that essentially blew all the snow away. Luckily, all the elements cooperated for the last day of the trip. Thanks to round-the-clock work from the cat crew (including Andreas Hatveit himself), the boys were able pull off one last session, which proved to be all time.

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