Nigel Sylvester delivers metal suitcase

Courtesy of Fuse

Nigel Sylvester's new limited edition metal suitcase, not recommended for use in airport security lines.

NYC's Nigel Sylvester latest promotion arrived at the ESPN offices today, featuring Nigel's new limited edition Gatorade bottle (only 500 were made), along with Nigel's custom Skullcandy headphones, Nigel's new signature Animal Pivotal seat, a G-Shock Watch and an Animal New Era hat. Yes, it's been blogged about all over the place already, but I needed to point out some not so obvious facts about Nigel's latest venture.

Courtesy of Gatorade

Gatorade, the original energy drink, complete with a Rob Dolecki photo of Nigel Sylvester doing a tailwhip.

One is the fact that the Animal logo, along with a Rob Dolecki photo of Nigel, is now on a bottle of Gatorade. I can remember a time when Animal first started (in 2000) and owner Ralph Sinisi drove to my house to hand deliver a 44t sprocket and two pairs of pegs. "I don't know where this is going," he said. "But it's what I want to do." And now Animal's logo is on the side of a Gatorade bottle, featuring Nigel Sylvester, a team rider that's helped bring mainstream attention to NYC BMX riding without losing sight of the riding.

But the Nigel collaboration metal case isn't just about personal sentimentality or watching a friend's hard work turn into something bigger than most of us had ever dreamed. There's also some practical use to it, beginning with Nigel's new signature Pivotal seat from Animal. This isn't just another Pivotal seat. Animal started from scratch to create a patent pending base that's stronger and less likely to break in half when you go to the seat on tailwhip landings. The result is a stronger Pivotal seat base. And on top of that, you can listen to music, keep abreast of the time, stay shielded from the sun and hydrate. Well, at least 100 or so of us in the world can now do that.

I just hope this collaboration case didn't go out to too many non-BMX people because I'd imagine the seats ending up as paperweights or doorstops. And now that we've put this baby to bed, I am going to make my office mates happy by giving them free Gatorade and Nigel Sylvester swag. Thanks Nigel!

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