Face Time video with Keegan Sauder


Keegan Sauder is adjusting well to life in San Francisco.

Keegan Sauder is an amazing skateboarder. But more than that, he's really talented at living life in general. The Vancouver native has spent time all over the place and is rarely in the same spot for long. Now, having cemented a solid pro career with his standout part in Zero's "Strange World" video, and deep into filming for Vans projects, RVCA projects and the next Zero project, he's taken up residence in the hills of San Francisco. The City by the Bay seems to suite Sauder; it's laid back but with beckoning hills around every corner. Our guy in Nr Cal, Tadashi Yamaoda caught up with Sauder recently to get a session at the latest DIY spot and talk about living in the city, recovering from injury and more.
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