Brian Kachinsky drops Bakery knowledge

Leigh Ramsdell

Brian Kachinsky and an Asian X Games security guard exchange hats in Shanghai, China.

Last month, X16 BMX Street Bronze Medalist Brian Kachinsky debuted his new Chicago-based indoor facility dubbed The Bakery. Formerly a bakery on the Southside of Chicago, Kachinsky put down a deposit, paid some rent and got to work building a modern day street-style park filled with rails, ledges and ramps. Now in full swing, with a talented cast of visitors coming and going, we caught up with the newly crowned Asian X Games Silver Medalist to discuss what happens Inside The Bakery. Things are progressing fast with The Bakery. What are your plans for the spot?
Kachinsky: Things are progressing quickly in the eyes of almost everyone except me since I've been thinking about having a spot like this for years now. We built the place pretty quick in retrospect but it's been a lot of long days and hard work. My plans are just to have a place to ride that's (mostly) out of the reach of Mother Nature. Thanks to Andrew Brady and David Leep, we have a Web site going and thanks to Nate Wessel, John Povah, Jeff K, 4 Seasons and many others, we have awesome stuff to ride in there. We'll see where it goes from here but for now we are just having fun riding it and it's awesome that some of my great friends have come to visit.

Who has been there, who's on deck, and what do you plan on doing with all of the footage?
So far it's been Aaron Ross, Corey Martinez, Brad Simms, Van Homan and this week, the UK's Ben Lewis. No one is on deck at the moment but that could change any day now. I have a long mental list of people I'd love to see ride it so hopefully we can make that happen soon. Most of the footage from The Bakery will be seen sooner or later on

Van Homan's Bakery sessions premieres on Monday, May 6, and it promises to be amazing.

What about the nice weather, travels/summer season? How do you think that will affect your momentum at The Bakery?
Since the Bakery has no heat it's actually going to be even more comfortable to ride in the coming months. It's just short of arctic in there right now. I do have a busy month of May, however, so the visitors might be a little less frequent. We are going to work hard to have some good stuff coming out of there regularly though.

Finally, what's next for you now that the season is in full swing?
In the next few weeks I'll be headed to England, Puerto Rico and possibly the Netherlands. There are some events in those places I will be heading too as well as taking some time to enjoy them as usual. I am also in the process of filming a Web piece for the etnies site which is always fun. It's no secret that I love traveling and staying busy so hopefully I'll be coming to a town near you soon!

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