Tony Tave: Back on the Radar

After standout parts in C1rca's "It's Time" video and Element's "This Is My Element," Tony Tave was on the fast track to skateboarder super-star status. However, in 2009, Tave left his comfy home at Element and has been a little off the radar ever since. Solid footage of Tave surfaced in last summer's X Games Real Street contest, proving that Tave hadn't been taking any time off the board even if he had taken time way from the spotlight. Now filming hard for a return to the Real Street contest for X Games 17, Tave is ready to step back beneath the bright lights.

Bart Jones

Tony Tave snatches a nollie backside flip on his way down a lengthy stack.

Where you been at Tony?
Just roaming, roaming through life man. Hitting the streets on the board just cruising.

I have been hearing all sorts of rumors and offers about you but the latest one is that you are back on Element?
Yeah, Element has been hooking it up with good boards and I've been repping them. We are hoping to get the band back together soon. It's where I wanted to be more than other companies that I had talked too.

What did you do with all of your Real Street cash you won from last year?
I split it with Lee Dog [filmer/editor Lee DuPont] and then the stuff I had left I just been paying bills, buying food and gas. Gas is crazy. It all went to gas I'm pretty sure.

You're in Real Street again this year. How is the project coming along with you and Lee DuPont so far?
It's cool. It's fun and I'm cruising with the homies again. It's my favorite contest I've done so far. It's been great. Got some stuff today actually.

What's a typical day in the life for Tony Tave?
Wake up between 7am and 4pm then kind see how the day takes me. No real plans just trying to hit the streets, maybe Cherry Park as a warm up, though.

How's that pro shoe doing?
Good, real good. My shoe went up a few spots in the line so I hear it's going good.

Seen any Adrian Loepez type cash off that thing?
I wish. I only got debt right now.

So you built a miniramp in your backyard a few months back right?
I didn't build it. It's in the jungle with trees all around it. Not really a jungle in Long Beach but it feels like one back there. It's got bamboo growing out of the deck through a hole. It's huge. It's tranquil back there, seems like Hawaii back there to me.

Bart Jones

Tony Tave is back in X Games Real Street for 2011 and ready to step it up.

Who built it?
My uncle Frankie. His son skates. We just been hitting it.

Does Uncle Frankie kill it the hardest?
He actually broke his nose on it. Uncle Frankie is cool; he even took himself to the hospital when he broke his nose.

Are you learning any new tranny moves out back?
Whatever comes to mind, I don't even know what I'm doing back there. I can't plan that much in my life. I just see what happens back there.

Who's the secret weapon on C1rca right now?
It's a secret. Gotta wait till the video drops.

When is the C1rca video coming out?
Don't know. You talk to then and let me know.

What's the strangest thing someone might find in your house?
There is a man-eating bird named Taco. It's a Parrot that's only nice to Uncle Frankie. He bit a whole in my finger once down to the bone. He's sneaky and smart. Uncle Frankie rolls around with it on his back, the bird even eats chicken. It's a mean bird. Sometimes Uncle Frankie even raves with it.

When might someone see a Tony Tave pro-model back on the board rack?
The kids gotta ask for it. I hope soon, thinking it might be June.

Bart Jones

Tony Tave takes a backside 180 heelflip for a lengthy ride over the rail at Bricktown, one of skating's original big stairs spots.

What's the dumbest purchase you have ever made?
I don't know. I know I got scammed on something for sure recently. Let me think ...

Well while you think on it, I talked to Billy Marks today, and he just bought an iPad just because the salesman told him they only had three left.
Yeah sounds like he got conned. I'll just go with Uncle Frankie's parrot purchase. That's the dumbest purchase for sure.

What's the smartest?
I don't think there is any smart purchase.

Thanks Tony. Good luck this year with Lee in Real Street.
Right on Mike. We're trying!

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