Video: Checking in with Elijah Berle

Anthony Acosta

Elijah Berle hucks an impossible over the bar during the Phoenix Am contest.

Somehow I missed Elijah Berle coming through the front door. I didn't see his arrival and then all of a sudden there he was, winning Tampa Am, filming for the highly anticipated Chocolate DVD, riding for Vans and wrecking spots all over California. Recently I had the pleasure of rooming with Elijah at Cowtown's Phoenix Am contest and got to know the new kid a little better. What I learned was:
1. He's a manchild; he's taller and bigger than I am at only age 16.
2. He doesn't believe in fans in the bathroom or lighting a match or shutting the door when he's done.
3. He skates better and faster than most of I've seen in a while (Busenitz excluded, obviously).
Right before heading home I caught up with Elijah to discuss Chico Brenes, the Chocolate video and the Tampa Am curse. Video after the jump »

2011 Tampa Am winner, Berle talks about the new Chocolate video and the Tampa Am curse.

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