Fiveboro skateboards ($52)

Fiveboro skateboards have been holding it down for well over a decade. Beginning as a tight-knit East Coast core brand, Fiveboro has grown substantially in the last few years and is now a roundly well-respected brand with a squad of raw skaters that are coming up in the industry stronger than ever. Through the years, two things have always been essential to Fiveboro: that NYC vibe and quality boards that can withstand the beatings of all kinds of skateboarding.

Courtesy of Fiveboro

Some of the quality decks with solid graphics that are helping make Fiveboro a standout brand.

With their latest line of board, Fiveboro sticks with classic NYC iconic imagery for the graphics. The Empire State board with pigeons flying past is a nod to the city and to Fiveboro's history: the team has always incorporated pigeons, New York's unofficial mascot. In fact, many on the Fiveboro squad have Fiveboro pigeon tattoos. The Join or Die board is an NYC take on an iconic Benjamin Franklin image formerly depicting the pieces of snake as the original colonies. This version shows the boroughs of NYC.


Courtesy of Fiveboro

It doesn't get much more legit than Fiveboro.

Many other brands have switched wood shops repeatedly over the years or even have their boards made in more than one shop at once, which results in spotty quality control and inconsistent product. Fiveboro has been getting their boards pressed by South Central Skateboard Manufacturer in Elmore, Alabama for over 12 years. This consistency means, the boards have maintained the same high standard of quality control and reliability. Fiveboro pro Dan Pensyl has been riding those same boards for a decade. "The Fiveboro wood is super poppy which helps an old man life myself," says Pensyl. "It's hard to imagine riding any other wood."

Fiveboro rider, Willy Akers attests to the strength of the product as well. "I used to go through a lot of boards before I rode for the Five," says Akers. "A board now lasts me at least a month."

Those testaments say a lot if you've seen the kind of all-terrain skating Akers, Pensyl and the rest of the Fiveboro crew put down on the regular. Take a look at their recent South American clip to see what I'm talking about. Keep an eye out for their next full-length video, debuting this summer as well.

You can find Fiveboro boards at most discerning skateshops. If, for some reason, your local shop doesn't carry the Five, you can find them at online retailers including Kinetic Skateboarding, Skatepark of Tampa, NJ Skateshop and CCS.

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