Video: Checking in with Clint Peterson


Clint Peterson lets us in on his art work, the latest at Stereo and a tepee?

Did you know that Stereo skateboards and WeSc pro, Clint Peterson has a blood disorder where if he slams too hard his blood won't clot up and he will die?

True story.

You wouldn't know it from the way he skates and kills everything, though. Nor would you really hear it from his mouth; It's a non-issue to him. Clint just enjoys quietly shredding and whittling away with his hot-poker making art. Recently, I caught up with him at The Nuge (Don Nguyen)'s house (which just happens to have a 12-foot tall teepee in the yard, no biggie), to see what Clint's been up to. Full video interview after the jump »

Chris Nieratko talks Tepees, art and skateboarding with Stereo pro Clint Peterson.

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