Photo gallery: Vanni Oddera's hideaway

Ricky Monti

When he's not riding with his Daboot Crew, Vanni can be found at his northern Italy hideaway cooking up a mean Italian meal for his amicos.

What would the quintessential Italian homestead look like to you? Is it a cozy crib situated atop a hill in the countryside? Is it constructed of walls made of two hundred-year-old bricks and mortar? Is every room different from the rest consisting of unique artifacts and memorabilia? If so, you've just pictured Italian FMX rider Vanni Oddera's house in Pontinvrea; a small commune in the Province of Savona in the northern tip of Italy.

Luckily for us, Oderra was nice enough to let ESPN FMX into his quaint hillside residence to see how a true-to-his-roots Italian FMXer lives and where he spends his time when he's not hitting ramps on his Louis Vuitton-seated KTM.

Click here to check out the photos.

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