World Industries flow rider video

Courtesy of World Industries

Zack Kuehne blasts a switch heelflip from the loading dock to the pavement.

Courtesy of World Industries

Chris Mathis nails a nollie frontside feeble while on a trip to North Carolina.

In the third installment of their online video, "It's Your Wolrd," World Industries is debuting a montage of their two primary flow riders who could soon find themselves spots on the legitimate amateur team if they keep things up at this pace. Pennsylvania's Chris Mathis and Louisiana's Zack Kuehne both have heavy hitting footage in the part debuting today on the World Industries website.

Here's what World Industries pro and ESPN Skateboarding correspondent, Andrew Cannon had to say about Mathis:
"I've been friends with Chris Mathis for a long time now. I got a copy of his footage years ago and in it he did a backside 180 over this massive gap. Bam Margera had a Volcom ad doing a nollie over the same gap years ago but Bam didn't end up landing it. Mathis on the other hand did. Mathis is one of those guys who doesn't know how good he really is; he's constantly impressing me and I'm stoked to see that after all these years I've known, him things are just getting started in the skateboard world for him. He's a great skater and an even greater friend."

And here's what World Industries Team Manager Charlie Thomas had to say about Kuehne:
"I met Zack a couple of years ago on a trip back to Louisiana for a contest at the skatepark out there. His effortless style and board control where the first things that caught my eye. After the contest I asked him if he would be down to check out a couple of World boards and possibly be down to start getting flowed. It's been a little while now that Zack's been on the flow-gram and his first part is ready to drop. The rest of the skate world is about to see what I knew the first day I met Zack: He's got it and he's just getting started." Full World montage video after the jump »

World flow riders Zack Kuehne and Chris Mathis team up in this montage.

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