Inside Jamie Bestwick's Central Pa. Home

Cody York

Jamie Bestwick and his State College, Pa. home. <a class="launchGallery" href=""><i>Launch Jamie Bestwick House Check &#187;</i></a>

There is no doubt that 39-year-old vert pro Jamie Bestwick is one of the smoothest and most progressive vert riders on the BMX scene today. But not many people know Jamie past his signature high airs, stretched variations and usual spot at the top of the contest podium. Recently, while visiting Woodward, Jamie invited me over for the grand tour of his State College, Pa. home, and I wasn't about to say no. Jamie's house is loaded with BMX memorabilia, action figures and more than a few bikes of all shapes and sizes. Paired with classic decor, and Jamie's sarcastic sense of humor, this is the Jamie Bestwick house tour.

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