Face Time video with Sean Sheffey

Tosh Rice

Sean Sheffey has been there and back again. Now he's back on board and pro once again for Blind skateboards.

"The good, the bad and the ugly." That is the song that Sean Sheffey used in Life skateboards' 1991 classic video "A Soldier's Story." What a prophetic musical choice that would turn out to be. Sheffey has lived a life few could dream of. Achieving fame and notoriety by the age of 18, it wasn't long before he found the bottle. After the bottle came the drugs. After the drugs came the street where dreams turned into nightmares. Over the years, many people tried to lend a helping hand to the man desperately in need. In the end, it was a high-flying Australian by the name of Jake Brown who finally got Sheffey off the streets and back on the board. Fast forward to February, 2011: Sean Sheffey is living a life of sobriety. He has a pro board on Blind and a new-found relationship with his son, Julien, the same child he famously ollied over in Plan B's 1993 video "Virtual Reality." Like the recent Blind advertisement celebrating Sheffey's return to pro skating (where he ollies over Julian once again), Sheffey's getting a second chance to make a first impression on a whole new generation. Full video interview after the jump.

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