TGR's Almost Live #2


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[Ed's note: We are hosting Teton Gravity Research's Almost Live series -- sneak peeks into footage taken for their fall 2011 release -- here on ESPN Freeskiing. Your host in this series, the author of the words below, is one of TGR's newest athletes, Griffin Post, who appears in this second episode of Almost Live. If you missed the first one, see tabs above.]

There are a lot of lines that don't live up to their hype. Blame it on better equipment, better technique, or Red Bull -- whatever the reasons, what was once considered "extreme" now won't even get you a second look from the après ski waitress. Jackson Hole's S&S couloir, however, is not one of those easy-in-the-modern-day runs. S&S, which is adjacent to the more popular Corbet's Couloir, is, by all means, still pretty rowdy. First, there's a 15- to 20-foot drop-in. That's complicated by a fall-line that pushes you into a cliff flanking the left side of the couloir. The rest of the line isn't exactly undemanding either -- it's steep, with a lot of variable snow and rocks.

The day the three of us -- Todd Ligare, Shroder Baker, and I -- signed up (literally, you have to fill out a waiver with ski patrol to hit it) to ski it with the TGR crew the conditions weren't ideal. The wind had been blowing hard out of the north making it difficult to decipher if the landing was powder or hardpack. We threw a couple of snowballs at the landing and it looked soft enough, so we decided to go for it. All three of us came out unscathed, and I was far more excited when it was over than when I was dropping in -- which is probably a pretty good indication that a run still lives up to its hype.

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