Thursday Vidiot: Rigney, whoa!


Going up, Casey Rigney puts a hurting on NYC spots by skating them like no one else can.

We'll start this week's video roundup with my personal favorite of all the videos I've watched this week. Out of the blue, longtime ripper and current Arcade rider Casey Rigney dropped an amazing video part that stands out as one of the best NYC videos to come out of the city in the past year. Living here in New York, I've been to and skated many of the spots that Rigney tackles in his part but believe me when I tell you, no one skates them like this. Gnarly. Well done Mr. Rigney!

Next up Spanish sensation Daniel Lebron is welcomed to the Stacks team with this ill clip. If you didn't already know, Lebron is an amazing skater who has been around for days handling business and who also plays amazing flamenco guitar. It pays to be a man of many talents. Look for an exclusive interview with Lebron right here on ESPN Skateboarding in the next couple of days.

ESPN Skateboarding homie and all-around good guy Joey Pepper shows you around his old stomping grounds in San Francisco in this clip from FTC.

Crunchy Corner gets you prepped for the new Real video premiering March 31st and available in skate shops April 4th. Can't wait for that video. It's going to be amazing.

Arto Saari has a solid retrospective video on the Flip site. We all know what Arto's done in the past, but when's the next Arto part going to drop? Fans are fiending for more from the Finnish phenom.

If you hadn't guessed it already, Osiris welcomes JT Aultz to the team with this short gnar clip.

Digital's got a San Diego montage of everyone from Tommy Sandoval to Alex Perelson to David Gravette.

Finally, in part two of Jeff Grosso's Love Letter to the Monty grind aka the backside Smith grind, he and Alex Olson discuss the variations between the transition version and the street version with plenty of visual examples to gander at.

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