KK on big wave obsession

Obsession isn't a fragrance to Keala Kennelly. She doesn't talk much about perfume. She's more in tune with the scent of motivation.

What can you say, Keala Kennelly likes big waves. She always has. KK talks big stuff and backside tube riding.

You don't hear about the Kauai native every day, like you might have a few years ago. Back then she was on the ASP Womens Tour. And while that's far from garnering marquis coverage in the surf media (or any other media, for that matter) at least her name turned up in the results eight times a year -- usually near the top.

When a few Polynesian big wave locations got axed from the Womens Tour, she didn't see the point in competing anymore. But KK hasn't exactly lost her fire. While it may not be in a jersey, she's still committed to putting herself in the mix on big days around the world. Here, KK nails a deep Backdoor barrel and explains her obsession in her own words:

Video by Free Surf Mag.

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