Brandon Westgate Interview

Sean Cronan

Westgate takes his big snaps over the rail to flat in New York City.

Westgate has been ripping low-key for years. From 5Boro to Birdhouse to Zoo York he's been on a steady tear but it took his Emerica "Stay Gold" video part last year to make people's jaws really drop and take notice. In that part, Westgate ollied up, over and beyond everything imaginable. You'd think the kid from Wareham, Massachusetts would take some time off to enjoy the New England winter by his dad's cranberry bog. Nope. On January 15, 2011, Westgate celebrates the release of his first pro model shoe by dropping another full-length video part. This kid is the future.

Are you mad at Chris Cole for trying to steal your thunder this weekend?
No, I don't know what for.

Everybody has been waiting for your new video part and here comes Chris Cole with his big announcement.
Ah, it's cool. He kills it.

Could you ollie Chris Cole if you wanted to?
No. I don't really know how high I can ollie. I never really measured it.

I think you can set the world's record.
No. I think Luis Tolentino can ollie higher.

Tell me about your new shoe and what inspired the design?
It's a mid-top sort of like Jerry Hsu's. I always skated his and I liked it. It's vulcanized with this new vulc padding in there so the sole is really good. It's some new STI Lab thing that they figured out that makes it really comfortable with a little extra cushion. Usually vulcs are pretty thin but this adds a little more. I'm psyched on the mid top so I went with that.

Sean Cronan

Standing tall with three video parts under his belt in just over a year. Westgate is gnarly.

What's your plan for your first shoe royalty check?
I'm not sure. I just got a house so maybe put some towards that or maybe re-do a room or something.

Is this video part all new stuff or "Stay Gold" leftovers?
I had some leftovers and they just wanted to do a web clip and then Jon Miner was like, "We should just try and film a bunch of stuff and make it a full part." So I've just been filming the last few months and it worked out. I tried to get more new footage than just using what I had leftover. There's SF footage; we went there a bunch and a couple spots in Massachusetts. We did a couple trips for it.

How do you feel about it?
I'm pretty stoked. I wish I had a little longer to work on it but I'm psyched with some of the stuff I got. I was working as hard as I could on it.

What was your take on people's reaction to your "Stay Gold" part? It amazed everyone.
Yeah, I was psyched because we were working on that video for a few years. And it's crazy to have a part in that video with those guys because all the guys on the team are just amazing especially like Reynolds and Leo. I was psyched that people were hyped.

What do you prefer? Going that route and working on something for years or doing more stuff like this where you just have a couple months?
It's definitely cool but I think it's a lot easier to get what you want from a part if you have a longer time to work on it. With this one I didn't know they were going to run an ad and say I was going to have a new part. They were just saying it was going to be a web clip. Then it turned out that I was having a part so I was a little nervous about that.

Courtesy of Emerica

The Westgate pro shoe from Emerica.

You found out you were having a part when you saw the ad in the magazine?
Yeah, kinda. I was like, "Dude. I didn't know I was doing a part."

So then you really had to start working your ass off?
I was definitely trying a lot harder because it was a lot of pressure because people were asking me about it but I'm psyched on it.

Do you think it's all going that way? Daewon just released an Internet part, Shane O'Neill had one last year.
It kind of seems to be going that way but hopefully you can still work on cool, big videos that kids are stoked to buy because you work really hard and then you put it on the Internet and then it's forgotten about within a day.

My last question is, wouldn't it be cool if all cranberries came from a place called Cranbodia?
Yeah, that'd be sick.

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