What's Dave Parrick doing today?

Empire Trailer2 (full version) from Empire Bmx on Vimeo.

Diamond Dave Parrick, the esteemed producer of BMX video classics such as "Nowhere Fast", etnies "Forward" and "Dirty Deeds" (not to mention the Homeless video series) has never, in the history of his life, delivered a video on time. And that habit has carried over into his latest project, the new video from Empire BMX. To Dave's credit, he's never made a bad video, and the Empire team (which includes Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Morgan Wade about 15 others) is spread out over the continental U.S. and Europe.

So as we patiently wait for the arrival of the next Empire video, which according to Empire BMX's Tom Williams, may be sometime in the summer of 2011, let us remind ourselves of Dave's work with the above Empire trailer. And because I was curious about the progress of the video, I shot Tom a few questions about working with Parrick and rumored editing lockdowns. Read on.

ESPN.com: How is the new Empire BMX video coming along?
Williams: Ah, that is the million dollar question. Literally! I think we've spent a million dollars on the video thus far. Well, maybe not quite that much, but this project is unfamiliar with profitability. Reports are sketchy, but here is what we've been able to discern from our intel in the field: filming has officially ended. Hold on, maybe that's not quite accurate. No one can find Dave [Parrick], so he is no longer filming. Walter Pieringer has been gracious enough to help out a great deal with filming responsibilities, so he's been handling some last minute additions. Joel Moody might even be getting a few post-deadline Cali clips from some of the dudes. Last time he checked in, Dave said he was "organizing" the footage, which hopefully means that he didn't pawn the hard drives to get new tires for his Toyota 4Runner.

Do we have an unofficial release date yet?
I think it's looking good that we'll see a finished video by Summer 2011, but I wouldn't be surprised if completion and release of the video coincides with the events of December 21, 2012.

Sandy Carson

Dave Parrick in Austin, Texas, not filming or editing the Empire BMX video.

What is Dave Parrick's latest excuse?
Strangely enough, whenever Dave is in the shop, no one seems willing to bring up the subject of the video, so he's been insulated from excuse-making. At this point, we just try to ignore the problem and hope that miracles are real.

There are rumors that Empire was planning on renting Parrick a hotel room, and locking him in until the video is done, with Taj Mihelich as a guard. Is there any truth to that rumor?
We've considered that, but the budget for the video ran out about 16 months ago, so Taj is on his own, financially speaking, to make this happen. Keep in mind that Taj's back is still a little jacked up, so we're hesitant to put him at any further risk of injury, should Dave go on a Dr. Pepper-fueled rage and try to break out!

Finally, is there a name for the new video?
Nike snaked us with "Debacle," so we're considering "Euthanasia," "Death Panel," and "Blood of Lamb."


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