Real video update

Chris Nieratko

The secret manifest of the new Real video, "Since Day One."

Chris Nieratko

Peter Ramondetta's rough edit for the Real video. It's going to get so gnarly.

I was in San Francisco last week filming Anti Hero's Tony Trujillo for a series of adventures starting January 10th on Off the Wall TV. While running around with Tony, we stopped by the Deluxe distribution offices where I learned just slightly more than nothing about the happenings with the new Real video, "Since Day One."

Most of what I saw or learned I've been sworn to keep secret. But I can tell you this:
—The video will be released on or around my birthday as a special gift to me, because the guys didn't know what to get me. I kept saying, "You can give me money in a card," but they insisted on this instead.
—The DVD comes with a very nice, interesting book. Printed on paper. Paper comes from trees. Skateboards also come from trees. If you don't think about it too hard we can assume the book is printed on skateboards.
Peter Ramondetta is in the video. Oh man, is he in the video. An album doesn't have enough songs for the amount of footage Pete supposedly has. I walked into Jim Thiebaud's office as he was starting to watch Pete's unedited footage but he quickly shut the file. I did see Pete grind something ... something big.
Dennis Busenitz also has A TON OF FOOTAGE.
—Filmer/Editor Dan Wolfe hasn't decided the order of the skaters because there's so much footage and everyone murders it.
—There will be a ton of bonus footage and it will not be of dudes assembling their skateboards.
—A unanimous vote curbed Thiebaud's idea of reading his poetry over the entire video in lieu of music.
—No animals were hurt in the making of this video.

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