Barrels or Airs

Barrels or airs?

Maybe we don't have to decide.

So the 2010 ASP Season is in the books, the Van's Triple Crown is done, the Guduaskas brothers' truck pulled into Ted's bakery for the last time on Friday and the loud North Shore circus has returned to a dull roar on that most beautiful/terrifying of islands. And though you may be done with the thousands of images shot between Rockpile and Sunset Point these last few weeks, we've got one more for you.

G. Scott Elwood.

How 'bout one of each.

ESPN Surfing contributor, G. Elwood Scott, from Texas, snapped this during the Billabong Pipeline Masters. That's Owen Wright getting slotted in his heat, with Mark Healey boosting something in the foreground (we almost didn't recognize him without a 30 foot wave at his back.)

Airs are where it's at, but a sweet backside barrel is timeless. Here's a bit of both to end the comp season until the end of January.

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