Beyond comp land

It's fair to say that the ocean hasn't cooperated for the Triple Crown. There was a good day at Haleiwa way back at the beginning of it all, but the sad fact is, there's been little swell since. That is until day one of the Pipe Masters arrived with a moderate northern pulse. And while Backdoor was good, and there was the odd Pipe wave too, the real action was going on down the beach, away from the contest horn and multicolored jerseys. Logs, Rockpiles, and other lesser exposed nooks and crannies were the go, and as Jon Coen or Tom Servais or Kelly Slater can tell you, if you had the inclination Lani's was really the spot to be. So, just in case you missed it -- which you probably did because it wasn't webcast -- Servais was kind enough to walk us through a few slides from a day that stands out in an otherwise very slow North Shore season.

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