Bike Check: Randy Taylor's Mutiny Loosefer

Sandy Carson

Randy Taylor, one week ago in Austin, Texas. Launch Randy Taylor Bike Check »

In late November, Mutiny debuted a video featuring team rider Randy Taylor finally getting back on the bike after a nine-month hiatus due to a broken leg. Following the release of that video, Randy traveled to Austin, Texas to pick up a new bike from Mutiny headquarters. Knowing Randy was in town, Sandy Carson tracked down Randy to shoot the breeze and get some riding done. Apparently, Randy had some issues with the local municipality, and may have even been spotted sleeping at the trails, but ultimately came through with a new bike check and one awesome nosepick shot on top of that. Welcome back Randy, BMX has missed you.

Launch Randy Taylor Bike Check »

And oh yeah, if you're a Mutiny fan, check out their latest Barcelona video. It's nuts.

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