TTR TV: Progression In Snowboarding

The latest TTR video released this morning, this time on the topic of progression in snowboarding. This episode takes a look at the double cork. Four years have passed since the trick was first unleashed on the world by Travis Rice (double cork rodeo 10) and David Benedek (double cork 12) at the 2006 Air & Style. Since pros who don't have a double have a slim chance of making it into a finals round these days, what will be the next big trick?

Moreover, how will snowboarders push to the next level without seriously hurting themselves? The video ends with footage of airbag landings, and a marked lack of opinion on the subject of whether or not it's a good thing that snowboard "progression" has gone so far that it is no longer safe to practice new tricks on snow. Perhaps that's up for us to decide.

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