Pitonyak wins Gear 4 a Year

Josh Kiiffner

James Pitonyak nollie heels in.

On November 1, 2010 Shred or Die announced the winner of their Gear 4 a Year video contest. With over 100 entrants submitting footage for the chance to win a year of flow sponsorship from the likes of Toy Machine, Quiksilver, Bones, Go Pro, DC, Theeve, Armourdillo and Dakine people submitted their A-grade footage. New Jersey's own James Pitonyak has the skills to beat the band and took the win. We caught up with James to talk about his win, his Jersey pride and what he's got coming up next.

Did you think you were going to win Gear4aYear?
Not really. There were a lot of good videos, so I didn't really think I would win.

Do you think winning a contest like this will change things for you?
I haven't looked too much into the future yet. I just want to be able to keep skating all the time and this can help with that.

You're from New Jersey. Why does that state in particular get made fun of so much?
There are a lot of misconceptions about Jersey. You know like Jersey Shore and all the guido's. We aren't all like that though.

So you don't drive a white Mustang convertible?
Nah I don't have one of those, yet.

Who is the best skater to come from Jersey?
Fred Gall is pretty sick, and all his parts are gnarly.

Are you excited to enter Tampa Am next month?
Yeah, but I'm pretty nervous. I've never entered a big contest like that, but it should be fun.

You know last years Gear4aYear winner choked and didn't even take his second run. Do you plan on taking all your runs?
Yeah I'm gonna try, for sure.

Well thanks for the interview James, and good luck with all the new hookups and in Tampa. Is there anyone you want to thank?
Thanks to Pat, Ant, and Dave from Totally, Steve and Chris at NJ, and everyone else that I skate with.

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