Video: DEFT Family ride session/update

Don't say we didn't tell you so. Nate Adams' DEFT Family has been around for less than two years and they're doing bigger things than most startup companies could ever dream of. Under the watchful eye of designer -- and retired-SX racer -- Logan Darien, the glove company's fresh-to-motocross style is taking the industry by storm, and the past few months have brought even more attention to the brand than they could've imagined.

After winning seven medals at X Games between Adams, Taka Higashino, Travis Pastrana, Todd Potter and Tarah Gieger, DEFT cleaned house at the 2010 TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup with a team consisting of Darien, Brian Foster and Andy Bakken.

Chris Tedesco/DEFT Family

Coming to a store near you.

With back-to-back victories at both X Games and the TWMX Industry Cup, the DEFT Family brand is at an all-time high as they prepare to launch their 2011 glove line. With a few select models shipping out in December, the rest of the new line -- including collaborative gloves with DC Shoes and Skullcandy -- will make their way to the market in the following months.

On top of that, Adams' gear sponsor and DEFT supporter One Industries, dropped a two-page spread in the latest Racer X Illustrated featuring Darien. Talk about big things poppin' off, right?

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