Cutting room floor

Adam Clark

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Every spring after a long season of shooting photos, I send in all of my best images to the ski magazines. Every other pro ski photographer is doing the same thing. But here's the problem: With an increasing number of great photographers out there and a decreasing number of pages in print magazines, there's simply not enough space for all the epic photos that get taken. Every year, I become attached to a handful of photos. Maybe they were taken on an amazing day of skiing with friends or maybe they were the few good shots after weeks of rain and bad weather. Sometimes it's just luck. You never really know if the magazines' photo editors will like the same photos as you.

Once the photos editors make their choices, inevitably, some of my favorite images hit the cutting room floor (or in this digital era, that little trash icon on a computer desktop). Maybe the images weren't up to standard? Or maybe the magazine just didn't have the room? Either way, I'm glad there's plenty of room on the internet (or specifically,'s freeskiing site). Here is a collection of my shots from last winter that won't make the pages of print mags this year -- these are the images left on the cutting room floor.

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